Shillong -The Scotland of East in India

Shillong also know as ‘Scotland of east‘ in India is an important tourist destination of Northeast India. Apart from the green dense forest, the unique natural shade, the mountains covered with clouds, the sweet smell of flowers, the friendly people and Colonial hospitality make Shillong special. The city is surrounded by lush gren forest which full of wild life, rivers and waterfalls. This place is heaven for honeymoon couples and nature lovers.Shillong is naturally gifted places of God. Shillong trip will be considered incomplete without visiting Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls (Elephant Waterfall), Sweet Falls, Lady Haidar Park, Wardus Lake and Police Market. Apart from this, Don Bosco Center Museum is also an interesting place to visit the country's culture.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Shillong

Lady Hydari Park,Ward's Lake,Cathedral Catholic Church,Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum,Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures,Golf Course,Spread Eagle Falls,Sweet Falls,Elephant Falls,Shillong Peak.

Best time to visit shilling City

Visiting Shillong is considered to be the best after cold and rainy days. That is, you can go shillong in March-April and September-October to gain much out of your shilling trip. The Weather is very pleasant during these months and you can enjoy day sightseeing and roam around the city.

How to reach Shillong city

The closest railway station to reach shillong from train is Guwahati which is about 110 kilometres away and you can get taxi and buses from there. The Guwahati railway station is connected to New Delhi and other major cities of India.

The nearest major airport which is well connected with other cities across India is Guwahati, which is about 120 kms away from Shillong city. You can easily get a taxi from Guwahati to Shillong.

You can get a bus from Guwahati for Shillong. There are many private as well as Government operated luxury and semi delux buses from Guwahati for Shillong.

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