Fiji Islands travel guide - Fiji 'The country of Islands'

Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is a group of more than 300 islands. Fiji can be classed as a mid-range priced destination and so most of Fiji's accommodation falls into this range. It's famous for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. Its major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, contain most of the population. Viti Levu is home to the capital, Suva, a port city with British colonial architecture. The Fiji Museum, in the Victorian-era Thurston Gardens, Exhibits ethnographic. Life of Fijian revolves around church, rugby field , village, and gardens. People here are famous for their hospitality and warmth. Fiji provides special opportunities for hikers and nature lovers especially on the islands of Tawnee - which is known as 'Garden Island'. Fiji has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with amazing coral reefs surround most of the beaches with a wide variety of colorful coral and having beautiful species living in it. The multi-cultural and multi-ethnic feature of the country makes it more beautiful. Fiji offers excellent relaxation and comfortable environment. Living in Fijji is just like Living in Heaven on Earth.

Fiji Visa fee for Indians

Indian Citizens do not require pre-entry visas for Fiji. Visa will be issued upon arrival at the Airport or at the Port-of-entry by the Immigration Officers but passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay.

Places to visit in Fijji

Nadi - Famous for Hindu temple Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami and for Nearby resorts on Denarau Island. Nadi is a transit hub for other destinations in Fiji.IIIN Fijji Garden of the Sleeping Giant is now houses many beautiful plants,orchids and trails for walking.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Nadi - The Garden of the Sleeping Giant covers 20 hectares and is full of orchids native to Fiji and many flowers. With a beautiful lily pond and many exotic plants, this garden is sure to take your breath away

Suva City - Suvais the capital fo Fiji and also the major commercial and Political centre of Fijji.Suva is famous for its lively handicraft market along with local fruit market and home for fiji’s national museum known as The Fiji Museum.

Fiji Museum - The Fiji Museum is an excellent place for tourists to understand the historical background of Fiji. With artifacts old as far as 3,700 years it provides many exhibits that showcase the nation's traditions and culture to travelers. The museum is located in Suva’s botanical gardens. There are several permanent galleries to explore as well as a temporary exhibition space and an art gallery, both of which feature rotating exhibitions of the museum’s large collection and artwork by local artists.

Pacific Harbour – It is situated at 45 min drive from SUVA city and known as adventure capital of Fiji.It famous for Scuba diving, snorkeling, cultural tours shops, cafes and golf course.

Viti Levu Island - This is the largest and most famous island of Fiji. It has highly populated, is the most economically developed island in Suva city.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Viti Levu -the Sand dunes with the height about 20 to 60 meters provide stunning views of the surf from the highest peaks.You can explore the park by walking along the ridgeline or through forest to beach.

Mamanuca Islands - Mamanuca Islands is chain of more than 20 islands. These islands is famous for coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and palm fringed sandy beaches.It is also the hub for many water sports activities of Fiji such as snorkeling,scuba diving and jet ski etc.

Levuka, Ovalau –It is The world's heritage site of Fiji, the main island of the Levuka Lomavity Group.Levuku is the capital of Ovalau.Here the first European people settled in the beginning of the 19th century.It achieved the world hertitage status in year 2013 for its heritage buildings and heritage centre.It is very popular destination among both international and domestic tourists.People come here want to explore the culture of Fiji by spending time with locals.

Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island - Nature lovers, trekkers, hikers,divers and bird lovers can experience Fiji's stunning natural beauty in Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni. The park spread over about 150 square kilometers of rainforest, with rare tropical plants and an impressive diversity of birds. It also home to many villages and people of these village are responsible for maintaining this garden.It is also popular for many waterfalls which are falling in this park and providing stunning views to visitors.

Things to do

Pacific Island Air - Scenic Helicopter & Seaplane Flights operated from Denarau & Nadi Airport.Scenic flights, day trip packages to Castaway Island Resort & the Yasawa's, Heli/Quad Biking, private island day trips and many more options to choose from Pacific Island air.It is life time memorable experience for couples.

Sigatoka Jet Boat Safari, Sigatoka- Take this thrilling and stunning jet boat ride down the Sigatoka River which give you chance to feel Fiji village life for a unique and rewarding tour.

Whitewater rafting - Upper Navua River rafting give you most adventurous moment of your life.It is truely the lifetime experience for travelers.

Skydive - Skydive Fiji offers world class Tandem Skydiving over the Fiji Islands. First a great scenic flight, then a thrilling one minute free fall, followed by a smooth 10 minute parachute ride.

Cruise tour : Most popular among the honeymoon couples coming to Fiji.This is most romantic and happening experience for couple and having romantic cruise is lifetime memorable monents.The cruises of fiji is famous for their luxury and entertainment which they offering to their guests.

SNORKELING IN THE CRYSTAL BLUE WATER - Its main motive is to get familiar of life inside the water, especially for those who do not wish to go deep. Its equipment is also available mostly in the resort.It make you familiar with most amazing and colorful marine life of world with hundreds of species present around you.

Mud therapy and take bath in natural Hot spring -The Sabeto Hot Springs is just down the road from the Garden of the Sleeping Giant to feel the experience of mud therapy.

Fijjian Village tour : Many resorts offer loal village tours for their guest to make them familiar with Fijian culture and tradition such as Kawa ceremony and visit to meeting place of viilage . All Fijians are strongly rooted to their culture, their land and their families.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant Zipline experience - It is most popular adventure activity for the tourist visitng Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Fiji Trip Budget (Travel cost )

Travel cost : By Flights : 65000

Accommodation : Dormitory – 1800 , Budget-4000,Economy – 6000 , Luxury – 18000

Food : Veg – 1200 , Non-Veg and seafood – 1800 , Fast food –900

Drinks : Water bottle – 70 , Beer – 200 , Bottle of Wine – 2500

Local transport : Taxi- 2000 ,Buses-600 ,Ferry - 1000

Intercity transport : Taxi- 3200 ,Buses-600 ,Water Taxi – 800,Private Boat-4000

Adventure Activities Diving – 7000,Snorkeling – 8000, Crusing – 4500 , Trekking – 1800, Parasailing – 4000, Jet Ski – 1500, Upper Navya River rafting – 7000, Skydiving -10000

Entry fee – Kula wild Adventure Park – 1800 , Big Bula Water park – 4000 , Suva Museum – 300 , Firewalking And Cultural Show ,The Westin Denarau Island Resort – 4000, SPA -4000, Garden of the Sleeping Giant - 600

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