Amsterdam - Netherlands Travel Guide

The Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands is not only famous for the natural beauty, but also the science, knowledge, art, technology, agriculture and economy make it the world's richest countries at all levels. Netherlands is known worldwide for milk and its products. It is the result of the use of latest technology for the breed improvement of cows and the development of milk products. The unmatched balance of tradition and modernity also appears in the cities of Netherlands. In the cities of Netherlands, on one side there is a lot of skyscrapers, large factories, state-of-the-art facilities, markets, theater, pubs, bars etc. On the other hand, large museums and cultural institutions, which preserve past of Countries. Despite being full of resources and prosperity, it is still counted as a peaceful country. Every city in Netherlands has its own mood and tradition.

Places to visit in Netherlands

Amsterdam is capital of Netherlands which is known for his canals, art, culture and his special mood of fun at all times. Tourists coming to Europe essentially include this city in their priority list. These shimmering canals filled with clean water and interesting social culture are the main focus of people's attraction. Canals are the nerves of this city. It is not only used in the transportation of goods, but also used extensively for people especially for tourist traffic. The three canals built in the shape of the crescent are main here, which end in dam on the northern tip of the city. Indeed, these artificially built canals have been sealed by making dam at northern end of City . With this it remains unaffected by the tide of sea. They are cleaned three times a week and therefore they remain clean with dirt and garbage.

The second USP of Amsterdam is an art museum built here. Asked rightly, this is the main symbol of cultural magnificence of this city. Significantly, many big painters, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, have been in this city. These museums have a lot to do for researchers in the culture world. The works of many such painters are preserved in these museums. The world-renowned painting Nightwatch of Rembrandt is preserved in the Rijksmuseum. Not only that, the works of many important painters, sculptures and medieval folk arts samples available in the last five centuries are available here. In fact, there cannot be a better place to study the history of Dutch culture then these museums.

Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam which is the National Museum of Shipwrecks is the second important tourist spot of Amsterdam. Located on the confluence of the rivers Yamir and Amstel, this museum is adjacent to the Amsterdam Central Railway Station. Hundreds of sea boats and ships have been placed here for demonstration. These boats and ships used in the 15th century by Dutch people for sea transport. Not only there are many untimely aspects of local cultural, but technological history also highlighted. Another important site is Annie Franks's home. It has also been given the status of museum of national importance here. Annie Frank was a Jewish girl, who was hiding with her entire family for more than two years during the Nazi attack. Annie Franks diary pages have also been displayed along with other things in this house. These pages highlight the fact that when the Nazis were in Amsterdam, how they tortured the local people here. It has been named 'Secret Anaks'. There are also Magna Plaza, Royal Palace and the New Church which are also worth seeing. There is an exhibit site Nieuwe Kerk where there are periodical exhibitions of different types of art and culture.

Rotterdam - If you want to enjoy the feeling of being in a small town while roaming in the big city, then you should come to the Rotterdam once. Despite being a leading European business center, there is nothing that the peaceful people are afraid of going to big cities. Neither is dirt here, nor random and wildly crowd. This city is full of natural beauty which attracts tourist all over the world. Nestled on the banks of the Mas River, there are many islands all around this city. The old buildings have been preserved here neatly, which gives a different character to the city. These houses made of red bricks in the 17th-18th century also give a sense of the historical dignity of this city. There are many restaurants and cafes in its eastern part.

Rotterdam has many famous museums. Some of the museums are the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the Netherlands Architecture Institute, the Wereldmuseum, the Kunsthal, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and the Maritime Museum Rotterdam.This area, influenced by ancient culture, has many bars and clubs in the old style. In the daytime, this area is generally quiet, while there is a stroll in the night. There are many important and huge statue of metal in Rotterdam. The museum park is only a short distance away. Here are many museums exhibiting the artwork of Rotterdam.

Utrecht - There is a different kind of peace in this small town that is quite dense. There are many shops adjacent to the red-brick pavement along the old canal. The canal is narrow and deep in which passenger boats often come and go. There is also a famous flower garden, called bakkerbrug. Hug Catherine is the largest modern market here.

Dome tower here is very famous among tourist. Tourists can climb up to the second floor and take the view of the city, but the permission to climb it is difficult. Here is another key attraction of DomeKerk . It is a Protestant church and it has the Episcopal Palace.Near to it there is Central Museum.  The building of  central museum is also unmatched. While the Water Tower Museum is located in a tower built between a large pond. The Railway Museum located on the eastern edge of the main canal is also very attractive.

Netherlands trip Budget

Travel cost : By Flights (Advance Booking ) :Rs 50000

Accommodation : Dormitory -1800 ,Budget-3500,Economy – 5500 , Luxury – 8500

Food : Veg – 1800 , Non-Veg and seafood – 2500 , Fast food –150

Drinks : Water bottle – 50 , Beer – 250 , Alcohol – 400

Local transport : Taxi-3000, Bus-400, Train - 700, Bike on Rent -1000

Intercity transport : Train – 800, Bus -400

Entry fee for tourist attractions – All the below mentioned tourist attraction will be covered within Rs 8500

• Van Gogh Museum
• Anne Frank House
• Amsterdam's canal cruises
• Ferry trip to NDSM
• The Nine Street Shopping Center
• Vondelpark
• Koninklijk Paleis
• De wallen famous red light area
• Scheepvaartmuseum
• Bloemenmarkt -floating flower market
• Gouda trip
• Rotterdam festivals and carivals
• Leiden - famous for canals and museums
• Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
• Madurodam Miniature Park Admission
• Beach Walk

Note: Please check our Netherlands trip budget calculator for entry fee of all the tourist attractions.

Adevnture Activities Netherlands :
• Kayaking
• Guide Boat tour
• Cyckling Tour
• Cruise Journey
• Water sports

Note: Please check our Netherlands trip budget calculator for cost of individual adventure

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