Switzerland travel Guide - The Paradise on Earth

Switzerland is one of Europe's most beautiful countries. If there is any best place in the world to celebrate honeymoon or spend holidays, then it is Switzerland. There are many things in this beautiful country that can attract anyone on their side It’s share borders with France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and Germany to the north and the influence of many cultures in this country looks simultaneously. Switzerland is known for its mountains Alps in south and Jura in northwest but it also has plains, and large lakes. The cities here are quite modern. The Roman era's churches, houses with stone roofs, large farm houses, rugs of colorful flowers, forests, mountains, and rivers are considered to be the heart of Switzerland. Luxurious restaurants, cafes and bistros-theaters, music concerts, operas, Munster cathedral, dance, and cabaret are considered to be the heart of Switzerland. For hikers and climbers, Switzerland is a wonderful place to spend the holidays. Switzerland is a popular winter ski destination with several ski resorts including St Moritz, Grindelwald, Gstaad, Mürren and Zermatt. Swiss Cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Lausanne offer world class museums, art galleries, live music shows, beautiful old architecture, fine restaurants, and all the luxuries that come with great tourist places.

Zurich City - Zurich is a leading global city and among the world's largest financial centres despite having a relatively small population.Zurich is a very trendy city. Here Bahnhofstrasse Street is the cornerstone of the country's fashion and it is very important that you go here. The Zurich city is also famous for its Zurich Lake and shopping. You must visit the old town during your Zurich trip which has mix of old architecture and culture.It is home for many famous Museum and Churches.

Matterhorn Zermatt - Zermatt of Switzerland is a mountainous region which surrounded by mountains covered with snow. For nature lovers, this place is no less than heaven. People who are very fond of climbing and skiing come here in large number to enjoy these sports. The pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak here is world famous. It also known for quality resorts.

Mount Tilis -This is the second highest mountain peak in the Swiss Alps which is visited by cable car.To take the cable car ride to Mount Titlis, you have to go to Engelberg Town, which is the base town of Mount Tittle's which located at some distance from Lucerne and Zurich. The next stop for the country of the litigants is the Tittleys mountain range. Here you can admire the beauty of the whole Titlis Glacier through a cable car. You can also see the sights of Germany's Black Forest from Switzerland on a car journey. Along with this, do not forget about swirling in the glacier park here. There are several fun packed riders associated with ice in this park whose adventures differ greatly.This park is open from May to October.

Jungfrau - It is the highest mountain range in Europe, at 4158 meters above sea level. At the same time, there is also Europe's highest railway station. Train gets here from Interlaken Station. Starting your journey with this train, you will be able to reach Jungfrau while capturing beautiful Switzerland in your own eyes. With this train crossing the snowy mountains, you can see panoramic views and capture in your camera. Ice skiing can be enjoyed here during the summer season. The joy of seeing the sun's rays of sun rays falling on the ice is something else.Jungfrau has been filmed in so many Bollywood movies.. Apart from this, Ice Palace is also a special attraction of Jungfrau.

Schilthorn Glacier - In addition to Jungfroj, the path of Schilthorn Glacier goes through Interlaken Ost. It is included in the world's most beautiful snowy mountains. Here you can take a panoramic view of the entire glacier with a ride called Pine Gloria. Here is a series of gorgeous restaurants. By hanging on these halts, you can capture the beauty of Shilthorne in your own eyes.

Glacier Grotto - If you go to Switzerland, do not forget to look at Glacier Grotto. There are beautiful caves built in the snow. The walls of these caves are glowing on the walls of the walls of 8,450 lamps. There is also the "Hall of Fame" here which have Photos of major celebrities including many Bollywood celebrities and Indian cricketers.

Lucerne TownThe lucerne is a very beautiful town, though you should stay here for one day at least to feel the beauty . This town has the best shopping, Lion Monument and the Chapel Bridge made by wood .You will find the best hotel here, there is also a casino, but the beauty of Lake is unmatched. Cruise journey on this lake is a very special feeling, do it for sure. If you have taken Swiss railway pass then this cruise is absolutely free for you.Paragliding at Lucerne is most famous activity among the tourist visitng Switzerland.

Rhine FallsThis waterfall or waterfall of the Rhine river is very beautiful. It is located in Schaffhausen Schaffhausen is 1 hour away from Zurich city, you can easily reach Schaffhausen with the help of a train and tram from Zurich city.

Gornergrat GlacierThe stunning beauty of the Gornergrat, which is called the alpine heaven, will definitely give you amazing feeling.This glacier, which is covered with snow in winter, turns into a flowering valley in summer. The journey of Rigi Folk Karnole for Music Lovers will be very memorable. Every July, here the swiss government plays music. There are live concerts for up to seven hours continuously.

Basel City - The city is known for its many internationally famous museums which include the largest Kunstmuseum, and the Fondation Beyeler Museum.Basel features a great number of heritage sites of national significance. These include the entire Old Town of Basel as well as Churches and monasteries and Archaeological sites. Zoo Basel is, the most visited tourist attraction in Basel and the second most visited tourist attraction in Switzerland. The city of Basel is a centre for numerous fairs and events all year round. The carnival of Basel is the biggest in Switzerland and attracts large crowds every year.

Things to do in Switzerland

  • Visit to Swiss National Park
  • Visit to Museum Of Switzerland
  • Visit to Old Botanical Garden, Zürich
  • Hiking experiences
  • Titlis Cliff Walk
  • Paragliding at Lucerne
  • Bungee jump at Contra Dam in Ticino
  • Summer skiing Experience
  • Visit to castle and churches
  • walk along Zurich’s lakeside
  • cable car ride to Matterhorn in Zermatt
  • Scenic train trip with Swiss railways
  • Romantic dinner at Sky Bar in Zurich
  • the Rhine Falls Boating
  • Visit to adventure parks
  • the Gelmer Funicular Rollercoaster ride
  • Boating at Zurich Lake
  • Visit to Basel Zoo

Switzerland trip Budget (Swizerland travel cost) 

Travel cost : By Flights : 62000

Accommodation : Budget-3500,Economy – 5000 , Luxury – 8000

Food : Veg – 2000 , Non-Veg and seafood – 2500 , Fast food –1800

Drinks : Water bottle – 70 , Beer – 400 , Alcohol – 500

Local transport : Taxi- 3000 ,Buses-300 ,taxi- 3000

Intercity transport : Taxi- 3000 ,Buses-700 ,Ferry – 1500,Train – 800, Flight-2000

Tourist Attractions Entry Fee : – National Park, basel Zoo, Walk at Zurich lake, Botnical garden, Boating Rihne water fall, Museums, Shopping at Bahnhofstrasse and the Bahnhof, Visit old Churches, Castle Zurich, Boating Rihne water fall

Note : All these attraction will be covered in Rs 5000

Outdoor Activities in Switzerland : 

  • Hiking experience
  • Titlis Cliff Walk
  • Paragliding at Lucerne
  • Bungee jump at Contra Dam in Ticino
  • Summer Skiing Experience
  • Cable car ride to Matterhorn in Zermatt
  • Scenic train trip with Swiss railways (Bernina Express)
  • Romantic dinner at Sky Bar in Zurich
  • The Gelmer Funicular Rollercoaster ride
  • Visit to adventure parks

Note : Price start from Rs700 and goes Upto Rs10000

Switzerland Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian passport holders can apply for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of any of the 26 Member States. Schengen Visa is special kind of tourist visa that permit either transit through or an intended stay within the territory of the Schengen Member States for the duration of maximum 90 days.

Visa Fee for Switzerland for Adults – Rs4400 + Agent fee 
Visa fee for Switzerland for Children - (6-12 years) – Rs2600 + Agent Fee

Visa processing will take at least two week to process.You have to apply for Schengen Visa well before your trip date.

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Things you must know before buying tour package

Check that the travel agency is licensed by local Tourism Department. The license should be displayed properly on their website. Check the online rating of travel agency on different forums.